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happy tails

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary is a charitable organization founded in Kingston, Ontario by Carla and Harold Moore in 2013. 


Providing sanctuary and rehabilitation to animals, educating youth and bringing our community together are the hallmarks of our mission. Through the animal residents we endeavour to build community partnerships offering a safe and inclusive environment to school and community groups, children with special needs, disadvantaged children as well as to our ill and injured military veterans. We continue to identify needs within our communities and strive to effectively meet those needs through innovation and collaboration in our programs.

In 2019, Carla won the Inspiring Women of Kingston Award for Community Trailblazing. This prestigious recognition is awarded annually to "a woman who has greatly contributed to the evolution of our community through her volunteer and community work. She inspires others with her character and skills, and is a pioneer who has opened doors for many. Her contributions rise above and beyond others expectations to enrich the lives of others."


Carla continues striving to grow the Happy Tails organizational outreach to the community by providing sanctuary to injured or at risk animals, as well as educating local children and youth about compassion towards all living creatures. (See the full article here.)

Happy Tails has been featured on both Animal Planet and the Dodo!

The Dodo - Dora and Charlie (video link)

The Dodo - Sapphire, the stray cat (article)

The Dodo - Anna and her blanket (article)

The Dodo - Betty the friendly turkey (article)

Military Rehabilitation Program - Through a collaboration with the Canadian Forces we welcome ill and injured veterans with PTSD through our Veteran Animal Therapy Program.


Healing animals, educating youth, supporting strong community engagement and healing our veterans is the mission of Happy Tails Sanctuary.

People helping animals helping people:


Education is a pillar of Happy Tails and there is a huge community demand for it.  From the Limestone District School Board to the YMCA, Loyalist Recreation Department, Early ON Centres to several community groups we open our doors to all.


When youth visit through class trips, community visits or summer Compassion Camps, they learn about animals and the environment in a safe green space. Animal care and safety, habitats, the environment and issues surrounding animals in our society are a few of the topics that are discussed. Learning the importance of respecting and caring for animals, fostering compassion and empathy for the animals and each other are some of the positive outcomes of a visit to Happy Tails.


Through tours, wellness days, PA day programs, school trips, sanctuary events, summer camp, volunteer opportunities and our annual pancake breakfast Happy Tails services hundreds of people from our communities each season.

‘Food for Thought, a program of Animal Place, is designed to help animal and environmental nonprofits adopt an animal-friendly menu policy for fundraising and sponsored events.’ 


When first contacted by this amazing organization, Happy Tails had already adopted a plant-based menu policy approved by our Board of Directors. Please visit the website of this amazing organization and show them your support!