We received an urgent phone call and were happy to take Anna in. When we saw her we were shocked at her condition. We are still amazed at her incredible rehabilitation. She is now a bright and sassy Diva!

For more than a decade Anna lived a life of neglect and abuse. We don’t know the exact details on how she ended up alone, starved, and abandoned, but what we do know is heartbreaking.

When Anna was 11 years old, she was found abandoned on a property that had been listed for sale online and sold.   A salvage company was hired by the new owner to clean up the property and they found sweet Anna in circumstances that no animal should be in. In the middle of a Canadian winter she was confined to a shed with no food, water or bedding. It was obvious that she had received little to no medical care as her hooves were long and curled and she could not walk. She was terrified of humans and had not been socialized.

The salvage company alerted the OSPCA who investigated and learned that Anna had been in that shed for 11 years and that she had been only fed cat food sporadically. She was left and forgotten. When the house was listed for sale, they neglected to alert anyone that she was there.  She had gone more than two weeks with no food or water. We do not know how she survived. Her owners were charged with abuse, neglect and abandonment.

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