Betty, Boop, and the babies

Turkey’s hold a special place in our hearts here at Happy Tails. Each has a distinct personality, has likes and dislikes, and truly helps to show the world that there is a lot more to a turkey than meets the eye.


Betty is a strong and independent bird. She is friendly and curious and loves to tag along with us on walks. She has an extremely strong drive to have babies and goes broody often. Because Betty had so much area to roam, she would disappear to lay her eggs. A few months ago, she came home with 6 babies!


We built Betty and the babies a huge aviary to keep them safe and to stop Betty from pulling another fast one on us! They share the aviary with Boop, Wilma, Xena, Sawyer and Freida.


Betty is a social girl and spends most of her time with her babies eating bugs and scratching in the dirt. She loves opening her wings over top of her babes to shelter them; it’s hard to believe they used to all fit under!