the lucky lil lamb

Charlie the lamb was born on the shortest day of the year, the dark and cold winter solstice, into a world with no use of him. Orphaned and posted on line at just two days old, the farmer was looking to get rid of him. When we saw the posting we begged the farmer to allow Charlie to come to our sanctuary. Many farmers shun sanctuaries as we expose the dark side of the animal agricultural industry with our very existence. I begged the farmer, telling him that this little orphan could live out his life in peace and without fear. Sadly the farmer refused to allow Charlie sanctuary. Looking at the photos of him online, we knew that Charlie was in dire need. It was here that a few friends of ours rallied together to save this little soul.

Because of Charlies Christmas birth, and the fact that he was very much an underdog, he was named after Charlie Brown. When Charlie arrived he was very sick. He had scours, which is extreme diarrhea, and kills many lambs. He was not given colostrum, which in vital to lambs. Further, he had the beginning of respiratory illness. And to top top it off, the farmer incorrectly banded his tail and testicals, which required corrective surgery.

Charlie is now healthy and thriving! He is sweet and affectionate, and loves to run and play. Charlie has made fast friends with our 5 cats, and sometimes I think he thinks he is a cat! Charlie will be joining the other animals outside once he is strong enough and once we can rescue him some other sheep friends!