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AKA a "cat patio", this outdoor enclosure will keep both our cats and wildlife safe. This Catio will offer our cats healthy exercise time as well as safety from outdoor hazards like cars, predators and poisons. Your charitable  donation will help us get our kitties outside without risking their lives or the lives of our forest creatures.


Are you a business looking to give back to your community? Please look no further than Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary!


Established in 2013 and a registered charity since 2017, Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary is 100% volunteer run. We aim to not only offer sanctuary and rehabilitation to some of our most vulnerable animals but to educate the public on the care and needs of these animals, to offer a fun and unique learning experience for youth and community members of all ages and abilities.


Open to the public May through October, we offer summer camps, classroom visits, community group visits, events and private tours at the sanctuary. We also go into schools upon request to talk to children about animals and their care.


All children’s programming at the sanctuary has always been free or by donation. We feel that money should never be a barrier for education and fun!


There are many ways that your business can help Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary and our mission. Please contact us to learn more! 


Educating youth and offering the opportunity to learn through animals is the core of our mission. It is our goal to offer an inclusive experience to all children, regardless of socio-economic status or physical and cognitive ability.

We aim to build an accessible education centre to welcome youth of all ages and abilities to come and experience the sanctuary and its learning opportunities.


In order to build our education center, we need the help of our generous community. Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary is completely volunteer run and 100% of your contribution will come back to the sanctuary. 


Corporate Sponsorship:

Carla R. Moore
Director of Operations
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Jen Walker
Volunteer Coordinator

Event Registration


educate, motivate, advocate​​​​

We proudly support the Canadian Armed Forces, personnel and veterans through our Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Recovery Program.


Food for Thought, a program of Animal Place, is designed to help animal and environmental nonprofits adopt an animal-friendly menu policy for fundraising and sponsored events.’ 


When first contacted by this amazing organization, Happy Tails had already adopted a plant-based menu policy approved by our Board of Directors. Please visit the website of this amazing organization and show them your support!

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Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

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