the gentle pig

Davy is the son of Papa, and one of the three pigs that came to our sanctuary who had suffered horrific abuse and neglect. When Davy arrived at our sanctuary he was so thin his backbone was clearly visible and he didn't have a potbelly. We were very worried about this little boy, because not only was he extremely terrified of humans, but he was in very bad physical condition.


With warm and comfy shelter, good high-quality food, fresh air and a lot of love, Davy's physical appearance turned around quickly, and he is now a strong and thriving boy of three years old. Unfortunately Davy was so abused, he still will not let us touch him, even though he's been here since February 2016. He is a very quiet and gentle boy, and very gingerly will take snacks from my hand. We don't try to push Davy, we let him take things at his own pace, he seems to appreciate this. Davy is the product of potbelly pig breeding, much like puppy mill breeding.


Please do not support breeders and always rescue!