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Lola is a bold and friendly kitty, who loves to cuddle. She refuses to be a fat house cat however and prefers to live in the barn. But don’t worry, there is a furnished loft in the barn where Lola hangs her proverbial hat.


Lola was given to us from our local feed store. We had gone in to get supplies one day and noticed four kittens in a birdcage. There were three boys and a girl. All the boys had barns to go to, but no one wanted Lola. You see, generally barn cats are not spayed or neutered, and because female cats have so many kittens they are often passed over.


It was obvious that sweet Lola hadn’t had much positive human interaction and that she had been taken from her mom way too early.  I figured I’d at least take her out and give her a little bit of love. The thing was, once I picked Lola up, she was not going to let go. After petting her for a while I tried to get her off of me, but her nails were clinging tight. So I did the only thing I could – I brought her home with me!


Lola clung to the back of my neck under my hair until we got home and did not let go for quite some time after that. It was apparent that Lola picked me, and we were happy to have her join our feline family.

I don’t think that there’s a cat on this earth sweeter than Sapphire. Sapphire’s been with us for a year and a half now. She was brought to us by a concerned citizen who had seen her running free on the streets for several months. She had noticed that Sapphire had an odd gait, and a limp, and was worried about her.


Sapphire was very frightened when she first came, which we would expect. What we didn’t expect was the fact that she had a broken pelvis, an eye infection and was severely constipated and impacted due to the pain she was in. We immediately took her to the veterinarian and started on her treatment plan. It was devastating to know that she had been suffering alone for so long.


Sapphire quickly formed a very strong connection to our daughter Mary. An extremely loving cat, she mother’s all of the other cats in our home. Sapphire is an indoor cat, and will never venture outdoors again, except of course in her carrier to the veterinarian. Her pelvis has healed and although she still has a bit of an awkward gait, the veterinarians believe she is pain-free for now. She will likely suffer from arthritis later in life.

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