the blue eyed pig

Most of the animals who come to Happy Tails have a past filled with abuse, neglect, or abandonment, or all three. However, very few have a story worse than that of Henry.


Henry was used as a breeding boar from a backyard breeder. These breeding operations fill the demand of unsuspecting people who have jumped on the ‘mini pig’ bandwagon. Sadly, animals who are bread for profit can find themselves in dire situations.


Henry, along with this father Papa and his brother Davy, were kept in a barn full of other animals. We can tell from his fear of humans that he was never socialized and was not treated with kindness.  When the people renting the property moved, they left the barn full of animals, including Henry and his family. Sadly, his mother passed away as did many other animals, but Henry, Papa and Davy were rescued in time. All three came to live at Happy Tails.


In the several years that Henry has been with us, he has slowly learned to trust again. And although he does not flop over for a belly rub, he will allow us to touch him and feed him from our hands. Henry is a sweet and curious boy, who absolutely loves watermelon and apples. He and his brother and father remain very close.

Henry was one of the trio that came to us in February 2016 after living a life of abuse and neglect.


Although extremely timid and not wanting to be touched, Henry's blue eyes shine through and touch everybody who sees him. He's very curious, and wants to know what everyone smells like, even if from afar. Henry reminds us of the amazing resilience of these animals.


Terrified for months, Henry will now allow me to walk past him, and will even drink out of the water bowl while I'm holding it! Around here, we don't push animals to be something they're not ready to be. Through time, patience and much love, Henry, much like his father Papa and brother Davy, have become an integral part of our sanctuary. And although we can't hug them and cuddle them and rub their bellies, we can certainly sit beside them and take in the strength and humility they have shown us.