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Carla R. Moore
Director of Operations
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The kitties of Happy Tails need a CAT-IO

AKA a "cat patio", this outdoor enclosure will keep both our cats and wildlife safe. This Catio will offer our cats healthy exercise time as well as safety from outdoor hazards like cars, predators and poisons. Your charitable  donation will help us get our kitties outside without risking their lives or the lives of our forest creatures.


educate, motivate, advocate​​​​

We proudly support the Canadian Armed Forces, personnel and veterans through our Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Recovery Program.


Food for Thought, a program of Animal Place, is designed to help animal and environmental nonprofits adopt an animal-friendly menu policy for fundraising and sponsored events.’ 


When first contacted by this amazing organization, Happy Tails had already adopted a plant-based menu policy approved by our Board of Directors. Please visit the website of this amazing organization and show them your support!