Mia’s beginning is like millions of other potbelly pigs. She was purchased as a baby and in time grew into a big girl! She had some bad manners and wasn’t keen on rules. Unfortunately, her caregivers did not do their research and Mia grew much larger than expected.  Further they were unaware of the bylaw restricting potbelly pigs within their city limits. As such, her family was reaching out to find a home for her.


At just 12 weeks old she was a tiny, feisty ball of adorableness. She had quite the attitude, and we certainly wouldn’t hesitate to call her a diva! She knew what she wanted, and what she didn’t want, and would sometimes bite or chase to prove her point.


This sweet little porcine is now a year and a half old and with proper training has calmed down substantially! She absolutely loves running out in the meadows and rooting up the soil. She has become great friends with Delilah and no longer has a dominant personality.  She’s very social and loves to be with her farm friends.


The one thing that really stands out with Mia is her smell. It is distinctive and very sweet smelling, almost like maple syrup. Some people think that pigs stink, but on the contrary some of them smell quite pleasant. Like a little Mia.

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