the senior pig

Papa's story is a very sad one. Papa came to us as a 10-year-old breeding boar. He had been kept in the dark and cold barn, without fresh water or bedding. He was accompanied by three other piggies and several other animals. Just like puppy mills, there are pig mills. Often pigs listed online come from places like this.


When the breeder no longer had use for Papa or the other pigs, they simply picked up and left, leaving a barn full of animals to starve. The case actually made news headlines due to the horrific abuse and neglect. Of the four pigs, only three survived. All three were rescued, and came to our sanctuary in February 2016. Originally he was supposed to stay as just a foster, but when we saw how damaged he was we realized that there would be no way that we could rehabilitate him enough to adopt him out. Knowing that it would take a very long time to rehabilitate him at all, it was in Papa's best interest to stay with us. And we are so very happy to have him!


This senior gentleman is such a character, and extremely handsome! Although he still does not want to be touched, he is curious and interested in his surroundings. Our sanctuary just wouldn't be the same without our Papa!