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We call Peter the Little Lamb that could.


Peter was born on a local sheep farm along with hundreds of other lambs. But Peter was different. This little lamb was born with a disability; he only had three legs! But as it turned out this disability saved his life.


Due to changes in regulations, animals like Peter can no longer be bought or sold into the food industry. As such, Peter’s life had no value. There were two alternatives – to either kill Peter straight out or sell him for Halal meat. Fortunately, the farmer did neither of these things, and chose a third option by allowing Peter to come to Happy Tails!


As we wanted Peter to have as much as a normal life as possible, we worked with a local company to produce a custom-made prosthetic leg.  After some time and practice, Peter can now run and jump and get around like all the other lambs! And while all the “normal” lambs born are now gone, sweet Peter will live out the rest of his life here at the sanctuary. Being born different saved Peter’s a little life.