• Carla Reilly Moore

Uh Oh! We've Outgrown Our Barn...Again!

Our very first sanctuary animals were 3 old hens.

These old gals were housed in a small, somewhat dilapidated barn, but served it's purpose. We needed somewhere to put these hens in need while we figured out exactly what our future plans would be. But then 9 ducks desperately needed sanctuary, and so we simply couldn't say no. And then along came Sylvester and Franklin, and we soon discovered that we needed more room and much better accommodations!

Our 17 acre property boasted a fairly new large red barn that my husband had taken over as a man cave. After a few bats of my eyelashes, mixed with some convincing puppy dog eyes, my husband agreed to give over one stall of the barn... but then...

Well, little Pippen then came along, as well as some more birds, and so the second stall became property of Happy Tails. In February 2016 we welcomed Papa, Davy and Henry, and even more birds came to join our family. Then we welcomed Thomas, and Ellie May, then Shelly and Sammy! And we just couldn't say no to Nelly and Peppa, two potbellies in need! Somewhere along the line we welcomed 4 turkeys, a couple guinea fowl, more ducks, and even more chickens...and most recently a little lamb named Charlie! Charlie being a herd animal, will require a herd. And so we anticipate the addition of some sheep as soon as we find some needing sanctuary.

So we built. We built a small outbuilding we called the Turkey Condo. We also expanded our fencing into the forest. Even with this additional housing, this winter was really tight in the main barn. So with a full barn, and very full hearts, we must build again!

So far we have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our sanctuary friends, and hope that the well has not gone dry. We hope that you will share our campaign so that we can ensure all of our animals are safe in their housing and yards. The ability to build allows us to continue to open our barn doors to some of our societies most vulnerable - farmed animals.


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Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

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