• Ben Le Roi

If Johnny jumped off a bridge would you?

Most of us remember hearing this phrase or something similar growing up. Just because our friend did something doesn't mean that we should too. Although it sounds logical we hated that saying. Most of us have still not changed.

I remember being in grade school and learning about peer pressure. Don't do things just because others do. Evaluate the situation and do what you believe is right. As kids we just laughed and shrugged that off and unfortunately are still acting the same as adults. People succumb to this dinner.

We know that we do not need to eat animal products in order to be healthy. In fact most evidence indicates that we are healthier not to. Almost all nutrition experts agree that at the very least a plant based diet gives us what our body needs for optimal health. This means that having animals killed for your meal is unnecessary. Many people understand this and yet most still consume animal products.


Is it because we always have?

Is it because that's what lions do in the wild?

Is it because plants also die?

Of course not. Any logical person can reason that these are excuses and not a ethical reason for ending a life. People search for a reason to justify the life that they've always lead because it is easier on their conscience. But why don't they just choose the most ethical possibility? Why don't they choose to create the least amount of harm? Why don't they choose to eat a diet that not only does not involve an unnecessary death but would actually be better for them and the environment. Why...?

Because everyone else is doing it! There is comfort in the status quo. We are still just like those kids on the grade school playground that ignored the lesson on peer pressure. We are terrified of being different. We want to be just like everyone else. Except this time everyone else is ending the lives of billions of beings a year for no logical reason. We aren't like the lions, we are more like the flock of sheep.

We all have a choice to do what's right even if it means being different. Unfortunately too many people are more concerned with fitting in than saving lives.

They would rather jump off the bridge with Johnny.


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