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Important (and EXCITING) Announcement

Well we did it. We took the next (leap) step and have officially become a registered charity! What does this mean? How will Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary Change? Will this affect your current sponsorship/donation? What does the future hold for HTFS?

We have thought long and hard about taking this step and have had time to process it. The good news is we have the answers to these important questions!

We started small. In 2013 we bought our property and took in 3 chickens in need. They lived in our lower barn happily while we planned out Happy Tails’ future. We are planners. In fact, when we were house hunting we were specifically looking for a property with good barns and the proper zoning to open a sanctuary. We didn’t want to get over our heads too quickly nor did we want to make the mistake of taking on more than we could handle.

Obviously we grew and now we offer sanctuary to several abused, abandoned and neglected pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks cats and dogs. We plan on taking in two beautiful alpacas in the near future. We are building new pig housing which will allow us to offer sanctuary to more big pigs. On top of offering sanctuary to these incredible animals we have always believed heavily in education. We continually provide education on several issues relating to pig’s physical and emotional care. We feel it is vital to educate the public on the issues facing farm animals in the world today in the hopes that we can inspire positive change for people, our planet and of course for the animals.

Back in 2016 we were approached by an Ottawa wildlife and farm animal sanctuary called Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge. CCWR wanted to retire and asked us if we would be interested in taking over their charity status. Being the planners that we are we needed to think it though. More than a year later we made the decision to take over their charity status. It will take approximately 6 months for the Government to solely recognize Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary as the charity name. While the paperwork moves through the system behind the scenes we will be 'Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary, Formally Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge'.

Having the charity status will provide us with the stability needed to help further our goals in rescuing animals and providing public education. It means that instead of being run by just our family we have brought together a board of directors to help us make vital decisions on the direction of the sanctuary. We are proud to have brought on a broad range of skills to our board including a nurse, a police officer, a general labourer, a marketing specialist and an engineer and hopefully soon an accountant. Having this status assures the public that we are following rules set out by the government and that we are financially accountable. Structurally we will remain the same. Our farm will stay on our property and the animals will continue to receive the excellent care that they are accustomed to. We will continue to run as we always have, it’s just that now we have help…and lots of extra paperwork!

Rest assured nothing will change with your sponsorship or sponsored animals except that as a registered charity we can now provide official tax receipts. We have partnered with a charity called This takes a lot of the administrative work out of our hands. For example, when a sponsorship donation is made, a tax receipt is automatically emailed to you! You do not have to wait for a human to do it which generally takes a few weeks. If you are a current sponsor for one or more of our animals you have a choice. You can either continue to go through our online store using paypal or thought email money transfer. We will then generate receipts once a month in batches and mail them to you. This service will be available until the new year when we will fully switch over to the system. If you prefer to start right away with Canada Helps you can simply cancel your recurrent pay pal payment and start fresh with the Canada Helps system. You can access this here or simply click the DONATE button on the main page of

The future is bright here at the farm. We plan to offer summer camps to children on a sliding

financial scale so that money is never a barrier. We hope to use Carla’s humane education background to visit classrooms to add some ‘humane’ to their education. We plan to expand our infrastructure so that we can accommodate more animals and more programs at the farm.

As always we thank you for taking this incredible journey with us. We look forward to what the future holds.

As always, live compassionately,

The Happy Tails Farm Crew


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