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Welcome to HTFS first newsletter!

February 2018

We are pleased to offer our very first newsletter! With so much going on, we will be sharing a newsletter once per month! So grab your tea (or your favourite treat), and maybe a cuddle buddy, and let's talk about what going on at the farm!

New Year, New GOALS!

2017 was a huge year for us. We opened up our sanctuary to more than 700 people in our community, sharing our message of compassion, education and love. We opened our barn doors to several deserving animals, rehabilitating, healing and fostering a safe space where they could learn to trust again! For the animals we could not physically take in, we networked to find them safe and loving foster or forever homes. We couldn't do this work without the support of people like you! Thank you to everyone who has supported us through donations, sponsorship's, visits and shares!

What's next?

2018 is gearing up to be just as exciting! It is the year of infrastructure! Our barn doors are bursting and we need to build, build, build! As you may be aware we will building our big pig Thomas a new barn and yard (don't worry, he won't be alone), which will allow us to rescue more big pigs like Tom. It will open space in our barn as well for more potbellies!

With the arrival of our Alpaca's we will need to build a 3 season shelter in the meadow for the alpaca's and sheep to share. Then we need to build a separate structure for goats, as goats and sheep have different dietary needs. The goats also require much higher fencing! Then there's all the birds! We really want to build the birds their own space so that we don't run the risk of their little legs and feet getting injured from the larger animals. We also are in desperate need of a small hospital type building, for animals needing medical treatment or quarantine.

Wanna Help?

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated! We've brought on a Volunteer Coordinator, who is volunteering her time to help us set up a solid program. We are specifically looking for volunteers with the following skills:

IT/Data Management

Administrative Support

Humane Education program support


Graphic Design

General farm/animal management

You can find our volunteer sign up sheet online here or email here.

Putting the Humane in Education

We will be starting a humane education program this summer! We will be offering PA day programs as well as some summer camp days. We hope to hire 3 students to help us get this going and running through the Canada Student Jobs program. We will be starting small, getting our feet wet, but it is our goal to have a dedicated humane education centre and program on the property as part of Happy Tails within the next 2 years.

We were honoured to work with local schools to allow children to visit with us and to learn about the animals who live here. We went into classrooms and hosted Community Living Kingston patrons. This spring we look forward to visits from the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides and we will welcome a local Mulberry School to start a garden for the animals which we will expand to a school community garden in the years to come!

Together we have built something great! Here's to a new year of love, of compassion, of outreach and building, and most of all, to many happy tails!

Yours respectfully,

Carla and the HTFS Crew


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