Ruby is one of three pigs that came to us after they were rescued from slaughter. She is bright and curious and really loves to eat! Lounging in the sunshine with Rosie and Oscar takes up a lot of her time!


Ruby is a tough girl with a tough past. The amazing thing about animals is that they don’t let their pasts define them- they move on.


Ruby has the prettiest face. When you look into her eyes it’s easy to get lost. She is quickly gaining weight and we think that she may get to be about 800 pounds!


When she and her friends Rosie and Oscar came to the sanctuary, they were extremely food dominated because they’d been starved. They did not know kindness and were very difficult to manage. It’s been a year now, and they have calmed down significantly. They know that their next meal will come, and they don’t need to fight for it. It’s amazing to know that Ruby now trusts us, and is happy and comfortable in her home

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Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

3225 Wilton Road

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