the strong pig

Sweet Shelly spent six months at a Humane Society after her family gave her up. Sadly, many cities do not allow potbelly pigs within the limits, and so a pig sitting in a facility in a city with these restrictions can wait for a very long time to get a new home.


Although the Humane Society did everything they could for Shelly, these organizations simply are not set up for farm animals. Shelly didn't have much room to roam, and she had no other pig friends to be with. This is really hard on pigs, because they are herd animals after all. When we heard of Shelly's situation, we immediately rescued her. The Humane Society was wonderful, and drove her seven hours to our sanctuary!


Shelly arrived morbidly obese, with terrible skin and very long hooves. She went through a major depression that lasted several weeks. She refused to move and even refused to eat! In time, with lots of love and gentle coaxing, Shelly came out of her depression and is now a happy healthy girl. She shed some major pounds, and is much lighter on her feet! She is a tough girl, and can hold her own among all the boys at Happy Tails Farm!