Welcome to Compassion Camp at Happy Tails 

Thank you for your interest in our summer camps! These camps are designed for children ages 6 to 12 and 12 to 17 and includes a day full of nature, animals, learning and of course FUN! All food is included in the camp registration fee!

6 Themed Camps Days 

Happy Tails will be hosting 6 themed-based camp days with a focus on nature, animals, compassion, art, exercise and fresh air, indigenous culture and helps kids gain important critical thinking skills while strengthening curiosity and a love of learning. Kids will end their camp day tired but happy and full of interesting stories about their day!


Register Now! (Registration forms are hyperlinked below; please send the completed forms to inquiry@happytailsfarmsanctuary.ca)

  • Camp Day 1: July 7 -  Nature Lovers, ages 6-12 (This day is designed to teach children about gardening and identifying local flora while enjoying a beautiful day of playing in our expansive fenced meadows!)

  • Camp Day 2: July 15 - Move and Groove, ages 6-12 (This day is designed to help children to put the devices down and be free to play and enjoy nature and our green space in a safe inclusive environment!)

  • Camp Day 3: July 21 - Put your Teenager to Work, ages 12-17 (A camp for older kids to get them out in nature and off their phones! They will learn about the animals who call Happy Tails home, and what it takes to care for so many critters. Teenagers will learn the value of hard work and working as a team!)

  • Camp Day 4: July 30 - Indigenous Day, ages 6-12 (This day is all about Indigenous culture. Through story telling and music, we will explore the extraordinary lives of our Indigenous peoples. Kids will learn some Anishinaabe language and will explore the forests and meadows. We have invited an Indigenous Leader to guide us. The focus of this camp is on nature and our connection to everything around us.)

  • Camp Day 5: August 18 - It’s All About the Animals, ages 6-14 (Children will spend all day with an animal focus. We will discuss the similarities between the animals they have at home and those that live on the sanctuary. All of our camps are outdoors so there will be a focus on health and the environment. If you have an animal lover, they will love this camp day!)

  • Camp Day 6: August 27 - Creativity Though Stories, Music & Art, 6-12 (Children express themselves in many ways. If you have a creative child, they will love this camp day. Your child will be immersed in various art forms including music, story telling, painting and crafts. Like all our camps, this will be a unique outdoor experience.

Our camps are a smash hit as they are designed to appeal to all kinds of kids – the artsy kiddos, the animal lovers, the busy kids, the quest for knowledge kids and kids who just love to play!

There will be a maximum of 15 children per camp day allowing up to 90 children to experience the Happy Tails camp experience this summer!

1. The registration fee is a $45 donation + a $12 lunch and snack fee to total $57 per camp day. Copper Branch Restaurant will provide the food. Tax receipts will be provided for the $45 donation.

2. Payment must be made in full the Friday before your camp day to reserve your space.

3. You may register for as many camp days as you wish within the age limits and availability. If you register a child for more than one camp day just fill out one form in full and add your child’s name and contact number on the additional forms with a note that you have registered for more than one camp day.

4. Additional teenager camps will be added if there is demand.

5. If you cannot afford the camp fee subsidies may be available. We will do our best to fund-raise on your behalf. All subsidies will be kept confidential.

Questions? Email us!