the magnificent pig

What can we say about Sylvester?


Well, Sylvester is a magnificent pig. He was our very first pig here at Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary. Sylvester was listed on Kijiji as 'free to a good home'. This is a very dangerous thing, as many animals are purchased or adopted from Kijiji, only to meet a horrific fate.


Sylvester's story is not unlike the millions of other stories of pigs out there. We don't know exactly how it started, but Sylvester moved around from three homes before he came to us. His last home was loving, but was not suitable. Many cities do not allow potbelly pigs within the limits. Further, Sylvester was in a home with several large dogs. Although dogs and pigs can coexist, it is a very dangerous combination. 


Sylvester is an extremely large pot belly, as genetically they are similar to humans. Some are smaller, some are larger. Sylvester is gigantic! We call him a gentle giant as he has a wonderful disposition. We answered the Kijiji ad, and the rest is history!