The Cluckery

Mr. Fritz, also know as Frazzled Fritz, is a dashing fellow who was dropped off to us after experiencing trauma and stress in his backyard chicken coop. One of several show girl silkies, Mr. Fritz looked to be on his last legs when he arrived.


This distinguished rooster has a best friend named Hendrix, and they arrived together. The details of Mr. Fritz’s past are murky, but at least we know that his future is bright!

Mr. Fritz is curious and gentle and both he and Hendrix are extremely friendly. At just a few pounds in weight Fritz can crow like the best of them! These little roosters do not fly or roost like other chickens, preferring to snuggle in a nice straw bed.


Frazzled Fritz is not as hardy as some of our other birds and will spend winter inside the barn,  moving back outside to the aviary come Spring. He and his best buddy Hendrix share a stall with two pigs named Anna and Pippen.

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