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the clumsy pig

Thomas was our first, and so far only commercial farm pig. The first several months of Thomas's life were spent in a dark, cold, barn. He lived in a pen with nine brothers and sisters on a concrete floor. When it came time for slaughter, Thomas was cast aside as he was the runt of the litter, and was worthless to the farmer. Thomas was given to a group of teenage boys to be killed and put on a stake for the May 24 weekend. 


Fortunately Thomas's luck changed, because in the nick of time a woman stepped in and convinced the boys to allow Thomas to live. She had nowhere to put Thomas, and so in a flurry of activity, Thomas was brought to us. Thomas now lives in a large barn, surrounded by pig friends, with lots of room to roam. He's allowed to be a regular pig now, as they all should be.


Thomas's story sparked outrage from many of our Happy Tails Farm family, and helped many people think about the animals that end up on their plates. He has become the favourite of many, with his funny, clumsy and adorable disposition. Although Thomas is absolutely fantastic, he's no different than all of the other commercial pigs out there. All animals want love, comfort , safety, and be treated compassionately. We love Thomas, and we are so very lucky to have been able to offer him sanctuary at Happy Tails Farm.