Willow and Clover

Willow and her brother Clover were a wonderful surprise. After losing our beloved Stella we never thought we would have the opportunity to save another commercial turkey so soon, let alone two!


Sadly, these beautiful birds were bred to become Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanks to some luck and kindness their lives were saved when our local feed store gave them to us. Their rescue happened during our first week of summer camp at Happy Tails and the children were excited and delighted to learn about these beautiful birds and how to care for them.


Willow is a very social girl and spends most of her time with her brother eating bugs and scratching in the dirt. She loves to follow around her humans and chatters at them making the sweetest noises. She is gentle and sweet, just like our Stella was. Willow greets everyone who comes onto the property and tilts her head to the side to get a good look!


Willow and her brother live in their very own house during the night and spend their days free ranging with us. Although the same breed, these siblings have distinctly different personalities

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Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

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