Education Programs

We offer education programs for children, youth and adults with a focus on building compassion for all living things. With a emphasis on community building, empathy building, violence prevention and respect for our natural world, our humane education programs foster compassion, empathy and respect through inclusive programs like our Compassion Camps, ‘Little Hands’ volunteer days, school and community group visits, events and tours. Education is a pillar of Happy Tails and there is a huge community
demand for it.  

From the Limestone District School Board to the YMCA, Loyalist Recreation Department, Early ON Centres, retirement homes to several community groups we open our doors to all.

children and youth programs
Allowing children to learn by play and experience animals by seeing, touching and interacting with them is extremely impactful. It is our goal to offer an inclusive experience to all children and youth regardless of socio-economic status or physical and cognitive ability.


Though class trips, summer compassion camps, PA day programs, events and volunteer days, we help youth develop a personal understanding of themselves, recognizing their own special skills, talents, abilities and fostering in them a sense of self-worth. Our humane education programs offer a unique learning opportunity through hand’s on activities with animals, helping them to develop empathy and compassion. 

Happy Tails is not a petting zoo and as such we educate or visitors on the importance of respecting animals in their space. The animals are not here to entertain us, but to help teach us the importance of respecting all life, of fostering compassion and empathy and to help people open their circle of compassion to all animals.